Color Season Update #2

Ready to check out what’s turning?

Brockway Mountain

This hunk of a hill is all lit up.  I took pictures on Thursday, October 3 in the rain and fog, so the photos don’t do it justice.  As you gaze, remember: no sunlight and no filter on these pics.

West Bluff of Brockway looking south toward Lake Medora.  The mist takes the reds out of it.  It’s actually quite breathtaking!


From the west end looking southeast into that valley.  It’s a big change from last week!  


Somewhere in the middle looking south.  Those hues look so subdued here.  It’s actually stunning!  


At the Nose of Brockway looking east.  I got the token colored maple in there.  Otherwise, there’s not much happening on that end!

Any time from now until next weekend is going to be magical on top of the middle to the west end of Brockway Mountain drive and into the southern valley. Do you have your room booked yet?

The Covered Stretch

Here’s a treat for you!  I recorded this video on Thursday as well.  It was raining still, but I have never seen the leaves reflected in the fresh pavement quite like that before!  Enjoy the non-stop, vibrant colors with Mary LaPlant fiddling in the background!

Okay, so the whole stretch is fascinating.  You will oooh and ahhh around each corner.  My goodness, now is the time to get on that beautiful journey!  It should still be pretty nice for about a week.  Book that room!

Lake Manganese

I went up to Lake Manganese, but the sun cast shadows on most of the trees.  Blogger fail!  But let me tell you that they have put some serious time into changing!  Maybe around 50% color up there.  But the lake sure is peaceful as usual!

The Verdict

Get your buns up here!  No dilly dallying.  Anytime from now until next weekend should be spectacular.

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