Color Season Update #1

If you live far away from Copper Harbor, and you’re planning a fall trip to look at the colors then you are probably not sleeping at night.

You lie awake, stare at the ceiling, listen to your partner (or pet) snore and wonder: When are the colors going to peak?  When is the best time for me to go north???

Well, stress no more.

I can’t promise that this post will help you sleep better, but it will show you, in almost real time, how the leaves are looking right now.

Let’s cut to it.

Brockway Mountain

On Wednesday, September 25th, 2019, I drove over Brockway Mountain to get the palate.  Here it is:

From the West Bluff of Brockway Mountain looking southeast into the valley.


From the Nose of Brockway Mountain looking east over the town of Copper Harbor.

Covered Stretch

Now let’s talk about the Covered Stretch on Highway 41.  The maples are going off.  Fuchsias, tangerines, lemony yellows and plum purples highlight the way.  A few of the trees are already dropping leaves, but there is plenty of color left once the birches, aspens and oaks turn.

A primo spot on the Covered Stretch

The local report proclaims the leaves are 40-50% changed on this stretch of highway, and the norther you get, the greener they look.

Lake Manganese

Here are two photos of Lake Manganese from Thursday, September 26, 2019.

From Manganese Beach looking south


From Manganese Beach looking west

The verdict?  It’s totally up to you!  Judge for yourself!

I’d give it another two weeks if you want to see Brockway Valley all lit up.  Of course, anything can happen in that time.  I mean, it could snow!

Here is a link to the Upper Peninsula Color Report on Facebook.  They are constantly updating throughout the U.P.  I will post pictures here the next two Fridays.

And just so you know, Mount Bohemia is running their chairlifts the first two weekends in October.

Well, hope this helps!  Now if you can only get your dog to stop snoring!

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