If you are a wildflower enthusiast or just appreciate the beauty in these small wonders, you will enjoy the Copper Harbor area. The early bloomers start appearing in mid-April, sometimes right through the snow. One can experience new species popping up on a regular basis from Round-lobed Hepatica in spring to Common St. Johnswort in fall.

Wildflowers are all over in Copper Harbor. Large, obvious blooms grow along the roadsides, including Thimbleberry, Ox-eye Daisy, Buttercup and Hairy Vetch. Quite a few species, such as violets and sorrels often grow in disturbed soil, conveniently growing along paths and trails for easy viewing. There are many different species in the woods, around lakes and ponds and in meadows. The pebble beaches of Lake Superior even bloom with flowers such as Smooth Rose and Beach Pea.

Meander through town or take an area trail and you’ll come across scores of wildflowers. Many are easy to see, but some species can be more challenging to locate. Some of the most rewarding are the orchids. These often tiny flowers can be hidden in plain sight. Some of the more elusive wildflowers are not far from the trails and can be spotted with a little patience.

Copper Harbor’s numerous trails offer several land features which represent diverse habitats and yield a wide variety of species. Any of the trails listed on the “Hiking” page and “Bird Watching” page give rise to a nice variety of blooms throughout the seasons.

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