Amazing Skies

Amazing Skies

There are a number of fabulous places to enjoy a sunset in the area. Brockway Mountain is the ultimate spot for a sunset and the aftermath. The sun sets into Lake Superior and you get a panoramic, unobstructed view of the sky. Hunter’s Point and the crescent beach just off the boardwalk is a nice spot to enjoy the show. Sit on the beach at Lake Manganese and watch the sun drop below the trees on the other side. As well as being nice parks, Hebard and Esrey along Lakeshore Drive (M-26) are great spots for sunsets.
The best part of the sunset is after the sun has disappeared below the horizon. That’s when the colors pop. Folks that are not familiar with a northern sky may not realize how long the sun rides along the horizon and continues to provide a colorful show for another 30 minutes or so after it has gone down.

The perfect place for a sunrise is the first lookout on the Brockway Mountain Drive. The light shines on Lake Fanny Hooe and Lake Superior is a back drop. The 3rd Street Memorial viewing deck is also a nice place to observe the sunrise.

Stargazing and viewing the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) is possible anywhere you can get away from the lights of town. The top of Brockway Mountain, especially when there is not a bright moon is a fabulous spot to observe the night sky. One can clearly observe the Milky Way and an amazing number of stars and constellations. And again, the 3rd Street Memorial viewing deck is a nice place to sit, relax and enjoy the show.

Lake Superior creates it’s own weather and the unique clouds and storms that go with it. The fog bow pictured above is a rare phenomenon when a bow appears in fog rather than rain. This one happened over Copper Harbor!

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