X-Country Skiing

X-Country Skiing

Please visit our Winter/Snow Info! page for conditions of local recreation areas.

Copper Harbor Trails:  This primarily easy rated trail system is composed of several main loops which are just over 9 km in total distance.  The terrain is relatively flat and offers a variety of landscapes including wooded sections, open meadows, scenic views along the shore of Lake Fanny Hooe and several glimpses of Lake Superior.  Dogs are allowed.

The Trailhead is centrally located within the village behind the Copper Harbor Welcome Center with ample parking, heated restrooms and easy access to nearby restaurants, shops and motels.  All trails are two way trails, which allow for some variations. Several laminated maps as points of reference are posted along the trail and personal copies may be purchased at the Gaslite General Store.  These trails are maintained and groomed by volunteers from the Copper Harbor Trails Club.

From the trailhead, skiers may head counter-clockwise (westerly) for a 2km tour along Clyde’s Loop (especially nice on fair weather days), or a more direct route heading east to the point at where the loop merges with each other.  From this point the trail crosses Second Street (aka Lake Manganese Road) behind the Fire Hall and resumes again next to Our Lady of the Pines Chapel.   The initial section from here is a mandatory two-way trail for about .5km.  From here skiers may choose to continue on a scenic stretch along Lake Fanny Hooe and through the west campground at Fort Wilkins State Park or ski the trail that runs parallel to US Hwy 41, aka “West Campground Loop”.  Skiers have the option to cross the (groomed) pedestrian bridge and continue on a trip through the past within the historic section of old Fort Wilkins, before linking to a lolly-pop loop through the East Campground. In total, the entire Fort Wilkins Loops are just over 7km.

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